Smoking Policy

All of our complexes are non-smoking, meaning there is no smoking allowed ANYWHERE on the property. We do not allow smoking of any kind inside ANY of our facilities. We abide by the Washington Clean Indoor Air Act (RCW 70.160), which states that no smoking is allowed within 25 feet of any building.

There is no smoking allowed inside any of our apartments. If you smoke, you must do so at least 25 feet from any entrance or opening to any of the buildings. This means the parking lots are the only acceptable places to smoke at any of our complexes, the parking lot included. You must dispose of your butts properly. Back decks, patios, or front walkways are NOT acceptable places to smoke.

If there is smoke damage or smell inside of the apartment after you vacate, you will be charged to remove the nicotine and smell from the apartment. This can be costly.

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